Parts of Speech -Lecture 01

Parts of Speech -Lecture 01

Parts of Speech :

Same word used as different parts of speech
  1.  Above: ­

Romni  is above suspicion(সন্দেহের  উর্ধ্বে).(Preposition)

Explain the above (উপরের) sentence. (Adj.)

Blessings come from above (আসমান). (Noun)

It is on the floor above (উপরে). (Adverb)

2. About:

  He told us all about the battle.(Prep)(Primary H :’09)

  It cost about 100 taka. (Adverb)

  I was just about to (to be close to doing something) 

  ask you the same thing. 

3. After: ­

The bridge was named after(কারো নামে নাম দেয়া) “Bongobondu”(বঙ্গবন্ধু). (Preposition)

After the storm comes the rain. (Prep) (Primary: 2010)

It begins to rain after the storm. (Conjunction)

Sonia took after Mohibul had left. (Conjunction)

Mr. Aziz arrived after (পরে). (Adverb)

Anjoli’s after (পরবর্তী) life was cheerful. (Adjective)

4. Alone

   Man cannot live alone. (Adverb)(Primary 2007)

  He is alone. (Adjective)

5. All:

All ( (সমস্ত)) men are mortal. (Adjective)

She was all(সম্পূর্ণভাবে) alone(একা) when I saw her. (Adv)

They lost all (সবকিছু)after the war. (Noun)

All (সবাই) are invited to the party. (Pronoun)

6. Any: ­

Is there any (কোন) evidence(প্রমাণ) of corruption?(Adj.)

Was that any(আরো) better? (Adverb)

Point out the errors if there is any (কোন) (Noun)

Have you read any book on this subject?(Pro.)

7. Back: ­

He struck him on the back (শরীরের পেছনদিক).(Noun)

Come back as far as possible. (Adverb)

Angelina was escaped by the back door. (Adjective)

This school was built backed (অর্থায়ণ করা) by NGO. (Verb)

8. Better: ­

Are you feeling better today? (Adjective)

Tarun  knows better. (Adverb)

Give place to your betters. (Noun)

Mr. Brad Pitt has bettered (আরো ভাল করা) his record. (Verb)

9. Both:

You cannot have it both the means(উভয়ভাবে) (Adj.)

Both of them (তাদের উভয়ই / দুইজনই) are guilty. (Pro.)

Both the students and the teachers are responsible.(Conj)

10.But: ­

None but (ছাড়া) the brave deserves the fair. (Pre.)

He tried hard, but (কিন্তু) did not succeed. (Con.)

(সে কঠোর চেষ্টা করেছিল, কিন্তু সফল হয়নি)

There is no one but(কেউনা বা ছাড়া) likes her. (Pro.)

But (কোন কাজে নিযুক্ত রাখা / করা) me, no but (মতামত বা যুক্তি). (Verb, Noun)

He is but ( = only) a child (Adverb)

11. Close:

He is a close(ঘনিষ্ঠ) friend. (Adjective)

We live very close(কাছাকাছি) to the hospital. (Adverb)

The School closes at 5 pm. (Verb)

The store has come to a close. (Noun)

12. Down: ­

Down went the Titanic(টাইটানিক জাহাজখানি ডুবেই গেল).(Adv)

She has been down (মনমরা) since morning. (Adj.)

This the down train(দূরে যায় এমন) from Calcutta.

Foiz & Rahul experienced the ups and downs(পতন) of life.(Noun)

Kamal was walking down (বরাবর) the road.(Pre.)

Our cricket team has downed (হারানো) the Australia. (verb)

13. Danger

   Doctors said he is now out of danger. (noun)

  The traffic here is dangerous for children. (Adj.)

   They enjoy living dangerously.(Adverb)

    our health is being endangered by too much traffic jam. (verb)

14. Either:

Either girl is beautiful. (Adjective)

Charge either of them. (Pronoun)

Either do or die (করো অথবা মরো). (Conjunction)


Kazol had something else for you (Adjective)

I shall not search anywhere else. (Adverb)

Study regularly, or  else you will fail in the exam. (Con.)

  1. Enough:

There is time enough. (Adjective)

Hasna knows well enough (অনেক) about the matter.(Adv)

  1. Even:

The chances are even (সমান সমান). (Adjective)

We should even (সমান করা) the ground. (Verb)

Did they even suspect the danger? (Adverb)

  1. Except: ­

If we except (বাদ রাখা ) Nahid, all are to be blamed. (V.)

All attended the meeting except (ছাড়া, but) him. (Pre.)

I will not help you except (কেবল, ছাড়া) you support me.(Con.)

  1. Fast:

  He kept the fast for a week.(Noun)(Primary H :2009), 

  He runs fast. (Adverb)

  He is fast. (Adj).

  We fast during Ramadan. (Verb)

  1. Go: ­

  This is the go of the day. (Noun)

   He goes to school. (Verb)

  1. Last: ­

Polash came in last (শেষ সময়).  (Adverb)

Foisal & Raji fought to the last. (Noun)

This will last ( দীর্ঘস্থায়ী হওয়া ) long. (Verb)

Mohi ate the last(একেবারে শেষেরটা) of his biscuits. (Adj)

This is the last chapter of this novel. (Adj)

Lastly we got it. (Adverb)

  1. Less: ­

Do not pay less (কম) attention. (Adjective)

The population of Bangladesh is less (অধিকতর কম)    

educated than that of Srilanka. (Adverb)

He won’t be content with less (সংখ্যার কম). (Noun)

This medicine lessen(কমানো) the pain. (verb)

  1. Like:

They are men of like build and statue (Adjective)

His pen is just like mine(একেবারে আমার মতো). (Pre.)

I shall see her like again. (Noun)

I like coffee. (Verb)

  1. Little:

I have little (কিছুক্ষণ) time now (Pronoun)

There is little (নাই বললেই চলে) water in the glass.(Adj.)

Man wants but little here below. (Noun)

SASA eats very little. (Adverb)

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